Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Story of "Soft" Slavery

I don't know how many of you have read this story.
To very briefly summarize, "Lola", the Filipina woman who is the subject of the article, lived as a virtual slave in the last half of the 20th century, in America.  I used the term "soft" slavery in the post title because it was different than chattel slavery in which someone could be bought or sold.  This was an example of a poor relation being exploited and mistreated because she could be. I'm sure situations like this have happened countless times to poor and vulnerable people, particularly women who have nowhere else to turn.  The article was heartbreaking, but had a good ending for Lola, whose later life was much happier than her earlier years. It took a great deal of courage for the author, the late Alex Tizon, to tell this story, which did not reflect well on his parents.


  1. Every time I see in the news one of these instances of slavery/trafficking it gives me a chill. I guess it's not surprise that the Catholic church is involved in working with victims. I recall British Evangelical Steve Chalke has been working on this for many years. Here's an interview with him about this ...

  2. Its an important story and one that must have been difficult for Mr. Tizon to tell. And one important for us to hear. I read about campaigns to fight human trafficking in the US and know that a lot of religious sisters are very involved in this issue, but I also occasionally read articles claiming the stats are exaggerated. These first hand accounts are so important in reminding us this is a very real problem with terrible, terrible consequences for its victims.