Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trump Administration Does an SNL

I am not a fan of Saturday Night Live!!  Nonetheless, the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on the WH Set at SNL is like catnip. (I am also not a fan of cats!!). Is their a growing convergence?

This morning's (April 11) NEW YORK TIMES enumerates the diverse pronouncements of Trump Administration officials and its spokesperson who sounded the ridiculous and anarchic patter of SNL on U.S. policy toward the Assad government and Syrian civil war.
 "As various officials have described it, the United States will intervene only when chemical weapons are used — or any time innocents are killed. It will push for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria — or pursue that only after defeating the Islamic State. America’s national interest in Syria is to fight terrorism. Or to ease the humanitarian crisis there. Or to restore stability." [Ital mine]
All that is missing from these mixed cast, multi-messages about U.S. policy is President Trump. He has yet to tweet the meaning of the Tomahawk missiles bombing the al-Shayrat air field and the trajectory of US. policy in Syria.

Is he waiting for Alec Baldwin to speak? Has SNL infiltrated the White House? Stay tuned.

The Russians, "furious with Assad," want to know too....Al-Monitor


  1. Trumps big strength is his ability to generate publicity (both good and bad) for himself, and to manage that publicity in a way to do in his political and media foes.

    However I am not sure he is doing well with the public beyond his base. He has always had a solid 34% of Americans who view him favorably. With that he was able first to capture the nomination, then the presidency.

    In the Syria episode he was able to capture the praise of his critics in both the Senate and media. However he moved his favorability ratings only slightly, far less that other presidents who have gone to war.

  2. Yeah, and now Sean Spicer is feeling stupid for saying that even Hitler didn't poison his own people. Dumb and dumber.

  3. If the Russians are really "furious with Assad", that would be a good development.

  4. Good development--if true and if there are consequences.