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The Yearning: A Suggested Spiritual Practice

Saint Gabriel, Lake County, Ohio

Music and Spirituality: A Music Spiritual Practice

Singing in the Choir this Liturgical Year

Advent: The Yearning

I tried watching them; it’s a completely different experience.

Get the experience of people in the pews by listening without using the text below.
I have provided you with a large visual image of the interior of the church.
When I click on it my computer it gives me a black background.  Does yours?
My experience in the pews was less intense than now as a choir member. But there are good reasons for beginning with this lesser experience. I will explain in a later post.

Begin to experience the song as a choir member by using the text of the music  
As a choir member I have the text in front of me all the time, and have to focus on it a lot.
That along with repetition of hearing the music greatly increases appreciation for the song.

Begin to sing the song mentally.
My mental voice is a lot better than my physical voice! You may find that is true for you too 
I love the deep male voices of the Russian Orthodox liturgy.
My mental voice sings them very well. (I am a tenor).

Begin to sing aloud when no one is around.
I don't have a dog or cats so I haven't had to face the ethical problems of dealing with them.


There is a yearning in hearts weighed down by ancient grief and centuries of sorrow
There is a yearning in hearts that in the darkness hide and in the shades of death abide,
a yearning for tomorrow.
There is a yearning, a yearning for the promised One, the First-born of creation.
There is a yearning for the Lord who visited his own, and by His death for sin atoned
to bring to us salvation.
                         Emmanuel, Emmanuel within our hearts the yearning.
                         Emmanuel, Emmanuel within our hearts the yearning.
There is a yearning that fills the hearts of those who wait the day of His appearing.
There is a yearning when all our sorrows are erased
and we shall see the One who placed within our hearts the yearning.
                        Emmanuel, Emmanuel within our hearts the yearning.
                        Emmanuel, Emmanuel within our hearts the yearning.
                        Emmanuel, Emmanuel  with  in  our  hearts   the  yearning.

click here for the music THE YEARNING

Published on Nov 26, 2013
Visual interpretation of a wonderful Advent Anthem: "The Yearning" Words by Susan Bentall Boersma; music by Craig Courtney. 2011 Lorenz Publishing Company. Publisher's studio recording

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  1. Thanks, Jack. When I click on the photo I do get a black background.

    The song, The Yearning, is very moving. There's something about hearing a lot of voices singing the same song. When I visited the cathedral here at the end of my RCIA class, it was amazing to hear the hundreds of people singing together. Here's a photo from Wikipedia of the interior of the cathedral.