Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lord's Day Music; Digital Communities

Full disclosure; I have taken two courses at Notre Dame from Father Robert Taft. S.J a world class liturgist from the Byzantine tradition; so this presentation is very influenced by him 
The Lord's Day is the primal liturgical feast; Easter is an outstanding Lord's day rather than the Sunday being a little Easter.

The East maintains the Byzantine and Jewish conception of the liturgical day. The Lord's Day begins with sunset on Saturday (and ends with Sunset on Sunday). The West has remnants of this ideal in the Easter Vigil (and other vigils) and First Vespers on large feasts, and since Vatican II celebration of Mass on Saturday evening. Otherwise the West has operated mostly on midnight to midnight modern day often emphasizing as in the Anglican tradition Morning Prayer, Eucharist, Evensong rather than the Vespers, Matins, Divine Liturgy pattern of the East.

Below is a list of links to worship services and websites that focus on the celebration of the Lord's Day with music. All of the worship services have live links that is the celebrations go out over the internet at the time of service; however these services are also archived on the same website usually available the next day.

First Vespers

SING FOR JOY from Saint Olaf College is a selection of choral music built around the readings for Sunday. Byzantine Vespers is a celebration of incense and candle lighting; it includes many hymns and also readings from the OT on feasts, all looking forward the next day's liturgy  

 Matins/Morning Prayer


The first hour of WITH HEART ANDVOICE is archived and made available on the WXXI website on the following Monday.

It is also available on the same day on some other internet stations
7:00 AM -8:00  FIRST HOUR OF WITH HEART AND VOICE on WFIU click on HD1 when you get to the web page.



Mass / Eucharist / Divine Liturgy


11:00 AM-12:00 LIVE  AUDIO SAINT THOMAS NEW YORK Choral Eucharist (Episcopal)

 The link above will bring you to the Saint Thomas Webcast Archive page. That is good, you can go back and see their pasts Eucharist and Choral Evensong services. If you bookmark this page it will usually be set at the date where you last used it. So you have to refresh by pressing the web site archive button again.

You will see todays program at the top. Press red Festal Eucharist, that will bring you to a page giving you and overview of the day's liturgy and a place to press to start the play when its time.

At the bottom of that page there is another link leaflet which is the worship leaflet given to the people with further details, texts, etc.  Now the link here is always going to be set to this date. You have to get updated ones from the website.

11:15 AM- 12:30 LIVE VIDEO NATIONAL CATHEDRAL Choral Eucharist

Second Vespers

4:00 PM -4:45 PM LIVE  AUDIO SAINT THOMAS NEW YORK Choral Evensong

TV/Internet Masses: Discussion anyone?

A lot of dioceses have had TV masses; these have often been 30 minute prerecorded ones. I think some are migrating to the internet; also that some parishes have their Masses streamed to their website. Notre Dame used to broadcast its 11:45 Folk Mass when it was led by Steve Werner before he left for Ireland. I really liked it and like his music. Our parish uses one of his Mass settings for Lent. Both my parish and the parish featured in the icon above do contemporary music but in very different ways. I would like to find some contemporary places to add to the list above.


  1. Thanks, Jack. I do like the National Cathedral - have watched many a video lecture/sermon from them. The internet is so great - we can visit Grace Cathedral in San Francisco or Cologne Cathedral or St. Basil's, all while wearing our pajamas :)

  2. Thanks, Jack. I look forward to exploring these links.

  3. The apse shown in the picture is about a stark as I have seen! Even more so than that of New Mellaray Abbey in Iowa, which gives stark a new meaning.

    1. Yes but take a look at the pictures on the website which show the whole church and tell the whole story I think.