Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dorothy Day / "Fresh Air"

Kate Hennesey was on "Fresh Air" today talking about her book about her grandmother, Dorothy Day. The book is Dorothy Day: The World Will Be Saved by Beauty.

I have been out of town busy with familial affairs and haven't had time to give a listen, but saved this for Raber, who has a special devotion to St. Dorothy. Here's an icon he made of her.

--Jean Hughes Raber


  1. Really love the icon, Jean. A beautiful, hopeful message in these gloomy times.

  2. Great icon! Interesting podcast too. I only had the most basic knowledge of Day so I learned a lot about her from that.

  3. Thanks for sharing the fascinating interview with Kate, Jean. Some insights I hadn't known. And Raber's icon is lovely and touching, so carefully thought-through. Do let him know we love it.

  4. Finally got a few minutes to listen: She wasn't raised Catholic, so she never asked permission. And she could "see the heart of the church." Possibly fodder for us failing converts to consider.

    I will pass the kind words about the icon to Raber. The photo collage of Dorothy's life and times along the "road" were inspired by Catherine of Siena's "all the way to heaven is heaven."